Wednesday, 13 December 2006

>>> Xmas Cards <<<

Spent the day sorting out the Xmas cards. Finally hit me that it has got to be done so sorted the cards for the boys as these are handmade! As for the rest, I've got 2 boxes of bought cards ready!

I ordered my Xmas pressie (from hubby although he doesn't realise it yet!) last nite as I was alerted to the online store that was offering 50% discount on all its products, including the Imagepac stamp making kit that I wanted. Bloody store had marked up the price though but after discount it's still cheaper than most places! So without hesitation, place an order for the kit plus accesories. And guess what, today received an email that item has been shipped and I could track its progress! Very impressed with the service! Will see if I get them tomorrow!

Here's a LO I did late last nite but put on the finishing touches this morning:

I was trying out a different style, the artsy funky style if you can call it! Played with my Dream Street papers and my Fontwerks stamps. Wow, absolutely 'heart' that Fresh Foilage stamps... they are so darn inspirational! Anyway, this LO was supposed to be about how I see things differently ever since I started scrapbooking. I actually use my eyes more, instead of merely just looking without taking in things. It has kinda heighten my senses and I suddenly see inspiration everywhere around me now!

Rite, off to finish up more Xmas cards... groan.... will be so glad when Xmas is over! TTFN!

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Anam_Kihaku said...

beautiful layouts girlie. i too will be glad when christmas is over.