Friday, 15 December 2006

>>> Busy! <<<

It was Oliver's school Xmas play today. Hubby took a day off and we went to watch it. It was quite good, about a family watching TV and a list of shows coming on and the kids acted out each well-known TV programmes. I was impressed! It has been videoed so I might just get a copy for memory keepsake!

After the show, hubby and I went into B'ham town centre to do some Xmas shopping. We trudged around town for 3 and half hours and did we have anything to show for??? Nada! We couldn't agree what to get for his nieces and nephews and therefore didn't get anything! Well, at least for lunch, I did get to eat at Wagamama. Nice food in there! In the end, we are gonna get them money... I know my nieces and nephews get endless toys from their parents so pointless getting them something they don't want. I told my MIL to give the boys money too. In fact we have cut down on the toys we are buying. Both are getting a bike each instead!

Ohhh, my Xmas gift came today... an Imagepac stamp making kit. Can't wait to have a go at it but need to ensure I've got the lighting first.

Hubby had to go out tonite with his friends for an Xmas celebration. I'm thoroughly knackered with all that walking in town and sporting a splitting headache too so I'm off to bed early... TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

YAY you on your stamping Kit. I can't wait to hear how you get on with it!