Tuesday, 26 December 2006

>>> Boxing Day! <<<

Boxing Day!

I had a lie in while hubby brought the boys out on their bikes to the park. Then at 12ish, we started to get ready to go to MIL's house. We're having another Xmas meal there.
It seems the entire Tso clan was there, hubby and his 3 sisters together with their families. It was like a mad house! We had a buffet style dinner as the table isn't big enough to handle all of us! His dad made roast pork and it was just plain delicious!

Then later, it was the exchange of pressies and the kids all went wild, as you can see in the photo! I suppose it is nice to see their excitement. But gosh, the whole place was a mess with wrapping papers.

While the adults watched DVD, the kids busied with themselves, playing with each other. They don't get to see their cousins often. Later, hubby's aunt, cousin & family came! It was extremely crowded! After we had tea, hubby decided to go home as it was approaching 8pm. It was a pity we couldn't manage to get a family photo as it was one time where the entire family members are around but it would have been a logitical nitemare to organise it! Unfortunately they are the memory recording kind of people! Pity! TTFN!

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