Sunday, 3 December 2006

>>> Sunday! <<<

Darn boys woke up mega early this morning, I reckon before 7am.... The only time I can get a lie-in and they have to spoil it! Got hubby to sort them out instead! It was 9ish when I went down for brekkie.

Decided to set the Xmas tree up instead. Boys were excited as they luv putting up the decorations.
Hubby wanted to get new lights for the tree as the current one wasn't safe so we walked to Woolworths and got a set of LED lights. Here's the tree at nite:

Excuse the blurriness as I took it without a tripod but the lights are lovely!

Had to nip into Wing Yip, the Chinese supermarket to stock up on Chinese groceries. Piss me off big time that Chinese foodstuff are so expensive here since it's what we eat daily. There is absolutely no way I can eat Western meal everyday... just not my taste buds. God I really miss my Chinese has made me crave even more for it!

I actually had a nap in the afternoon! Gosh, I can't remember the last time I took an afternoon nap but it felt so good! However, it did spoil my sleep at nite! Flu's slightly better. TTFN!

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