Sunday, 17 December 2006

>>> Crop! <<<

Yah, had 7 glorious hours of peace and quiet... went to Martha's Birmingham crop and managed to complete my altered gifts for friends. Did a clipboard but realised I had left some materials at home so saved it for later. Finished up a DT LO and even managed another one. Best of all, a very nice lady made some pudding and we had it... gosh it was delicious! Something like a trifle and I generally don't eat it but hers was just fabbo!

Later at nite, packed a hamper for Zac's teachers at nursery. There are just far too many teachers to do anything individually so decided to do a hamper of food. Found out that hubby had threw away lots of pizza boxes and after hunting around my craft room, managed to find an empty box. It took me a while to wrap it up and stupidly forgot to take a pciture of it! How dumb! I couldn't find my bag of cellophane wrappers so used cling film instead. Now need to finish off Oliver's teachers' gift! Can't wait for Xmas to be over... already fedup with it and it isn't even here yet! TTFN!

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