Tuesday, 19 December 2006

>>> Ollie's Xmas Party! <<<

It's Ollie's Xmas party in school and we were asked to bring in an item of food. Mine was cheese rolls and I had great difficulty finding it in the supermarket as I had no flippin idea what it was! In the end, got hubby to hunt it down and we ended with a bag of cheesy crisps... still not sure what they are really! (Obviously we don't eat them!)

There were lots of activities in school and each class made a fancy hat and Ollie's class did a chicken hat... have to say, it's absolutely gorgeous!

Zac's nursery arranged a church visit and we went in the morning for a history tour of the church. Never knew it was a 500 year old church with loads of historical facts attached. Was very impressed with the visit. The kids later sang Xmas carols in the hall. Well, it's his last day today.

Here's Zac helping out with the story telling by placing Joseph the doll near the scene set.

Later, together with MIL, we headed to Birmingham town centre to get some last minute presents. So annoying, the offers that we saw at Marks & Spencers regarding biscuits were gone. I had to hunt around for some other offers which weren't much!!!

Spent whatever time I had finishing off Ollie's teachers' presents. Altered a clipboard for his main teacher and got Ollie to draw so that I could stick something at the back. Have to say, his drawing is quite impressive but then I'm biased! LOL!

Now all that is left is Xmas cards which I suspect will be arriving late at recipients! Gosh, I'm so dying to scrap! TTFN!


Toni-Ann said...

If I am not mistaken and it's a normal cheese roll and not a cheese and onion 'sausage' roll, all a cheese roll is is a bread roll with butter and a couple of slices of cheese in it - like a cheese sandwich but with a bread roll!
I'm sure they wolfed the crisps down - kids never eat much at parties anyway they are way too excited.

Audrey said...

Thanks for that Toni, but for health and safety reason, not allowed to bring in any stuff that you made, has to be supermarket bought item, completely sealed. So I'm still wondering what the hell is cheese rolls!!!