Saturday, 1 August 2009

>>> My New Baby! <<<

Went down to Sim Lim Square on Thursday with my brother and his friend. Now that's the place to get electrical products if you ever want to get one! My brother wanted to get a new casing for his PC (one of those who builds his own PC). I was looking for a Apple laptop. Anyway, walked into this Apple authorised retail store and began to make enquiries and walked out with this! My new baby!

The exquisite alumimium unibody MacBook!
I decided to upgrade the Memory to 4GB DDR3 RAM.

It looks so sleek and beautiful. I'm totally in luv with this babe. It totally suits my needs and I have been looking to switch to Apple for a while. It was a toss between getting a Sony VIAO or a MacBook and I'm afraid the latter won. I guess I had enough of PC.

Best of all, you can dual boot between a Mac OS and a Windows OS using boot camp. So yesterday, my bro and I installed Win XP and it worked perfectly. That means I can now install software for Windows on this part of the drive. MS Office comes to mind. Talk about having the best of both worlds on a laptop. It's not to difficult to use the Mac, it's different but just need time getting used to it. So glad to kiss goodbye to IE browser... that's a rite pain to use and constantly crashes on me! So from now onwards, welcome to the world of Mac! TTFN!

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shimelle said...

you will love your mac!

BUT before you even think of installing MS office, try iwork. it can open all your old MS office documents, but it's prettier, easier and just...lovelier. :) do try it. :)