Sunday, 16 August 2009

>>> Sembawang Park <<<

The boys wanted to visit a beach badly so we brought them to Sembawang Park. However, the beach was disappointing... kinda dirty and polluted. I refused to allow the boys to play, let alone swim in the sea. Place was crowded too, with families having bbq. It was a nice atmosphere, shame about the beach though.

It may look ok here but there were black bits floating about.

Moi indulging in homemade ice-cream on bread for a mere $1! Yum! Can't buy ice-cream for that price in the UK!

My eldest having a major sulk that day! Yes, boys do sulk and they do it as well as gals too!

The wee one having a ball in the playground.

Hubs spied a pizza box near a bin and wanted to surprise the boys and order a pizza while we were there. So we called up a pizza store and asked about delivery charges. They wanted us to order at least $80 worth and it would take 1hr and 1/2 to deliver.... gasp! I guess we were wrong to assume there was a pizza store nearby. So we went to Pizza Hut instead, ordered 2 huge pizzas and spent less than that! Perfect end to lovely day! TTFN!

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lisa said...

Good to catch up with you all again. Great concert picces : )
Have to say, even with a sulk on, how cute does he look??!! : )