Friday, 21 August 2009

>>> Tanjong Pinang, Indonesia <<<

(NB: photo intensive page!)

So we got back from Tanjong Pinang, Indonesia today. This place is our yearly pilgrimage each time we visit Singapore. We stayed 4 days, 3 nites at Kelong Trikora. All we did was fish, fish and more fish! I can't say I fished a lot as I did a lot of chilling out. It was just so lovely to be out in the open sea and to feel the sea breeze and hear the waves lapping. Sheer bliss. Also managed to have 2 days of massage session. She certainly soothed the aches in my body!
The stretch of chalets on stilts

The area where we have our meals.

On the opposite side is where individuals rent the space, built their own little chalets and use it as holiday homes.

This stretch allows you to fish on either sides.

The boys had a fabulous time, fishing and catching fish. All the caught fishes were freshly cooked for our meals. Makes a change from eating frozen fish in the UK! Among other creatures caught were sting-rays and a tiny shark fish. We threw them back into the sea. Have to say that this time's catch was a little disappointing. Not a lot of big fishes, a few little ones and lots of patient waiting for them! Still we had a great time and will be back again. Here are some highlights of our trip.

Ollie caught a decent size fish after a few attempts. He was so proud that he contributed to one of our meals.

My dad caught a stingray. One had to be careful with its tail as it can sting you. It's best grilled with chilli. But since we didn't fancy eating it, we threw it back into the sea. In fact, the guys caught quite a few of them throughout the trip.

Hubs caught a little shark but since we don't eat it, we threw it back into the sea.

And so they waited patiently!

The boys did indulge in a bit of crab catching. That bucket held 4 crabs they caught and mistakenly thought they could bring it back home with them. Yeah rite!

Hubs and boys had a little swim outside the kelong. Ollie doing his jump.

Zac doing his jump.

My feeble attempt at fishing. I only enjoyed throwing and reeling it in. Not surprising I didn't catch any!

A family portrait. As usual, can never get the boys to cooperate esp Zac!

On our way to the ferry, we stopped by a salat plantation, a fruit that is native to Indonesia. Also known as snake-skin fruit (dunno why). It's akin to garlic but much larger and sweeter and no smell! Knew never how it was grown so this was an eye-opener. The plant looks quite similar to a palm tree.

Here's a closer view of it. It actually has pine-like needles on the fruit, presumable as a form of protection. Be interesting to know how it is harvested as the fruit on sale is without any needles on them!

We got back in the evening and hubs and I were out again for dinner with friends. Had dinner at Keppel Club and then proceeded to Villa Bali for drinks. The latter was a great place to unwnd. It had a Balinese ambience and no loud band to drown any chats!

My brother's friends and us.

Our stay in Singapore is slowly running out.... another full whole week before we head back to the UK and back to routine. Gonna make the most of the last week! TTFN!

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