Monday, 10 August 2009

>>> Fab News! <<<

Woo Hoo! Happened to check out Amy's blog (incidentally, she does some fabulous cards). Met her through 365 Cards blog and she truly inspires me with her card creations. Anyway, found out I had won her blog candy. Thanx so much!

The next fab news is that I'm off to see Lady Gaga this Wednesday! Yup, She's performing live in a concert at Fort Canning Park. Wow! Well, the hubs suddenly asked me to check out her concert and get tickets! So I did! I luv her songs and her music video and can't wait to see her! So cool! TTFN!


Emma said...

my daughter will be very envious! she loves Lady Gaga

lisa said...

Oh wow lucky you. I love love love her too. Off to see U2 on Friday (sssshhhh would rather see ga ga!!)