Sunday, 23 August 2009

>>> Sunday! <<<

Talk about chilling out! Didn't do anything nor go out. Hubs did go out to meet with his friends from Uni. Instead, I spent the day eating! My favourite fruit is now in season so I'm buying and eating it everyday!

This is duku. It has a hard skin and when peeled, the fruit consist of several freshy pulps, some with seeds within. Very sweet but can be sourish at times too.

The mooncake is also in season too so I had to indulge as well. Got a few at Bengawan Solo where they had mooncakes in different varieties such as durian, green tea etc. Normally comes in lotus paste or redbean. Not so keen on the salted egg yolk so usually avoid those with it. I adore the durian mooncake. You can get mooncake in the UK but only the normal ones i.e lotus with yolk and they are costly! Here in Singapore, you do find a lot of unusual ones, even snow-skin kinds. However, not so keen on them

A typical mooncake. (image from net)

Not forgetting durian, the actual fruit itself. Surprisingly, hubs like it as most foreigners can't take the smell let alone taste it! There are various grades of durians, i.e. D24 being the best.

This is how the fruit looks like. (image from net) However, it's usually sold these days in a styrofoam box as it's much easier to carry about as opposed to carrying the fruit as it's thorny and you can't board a public transport with it and certain hotels do ban the fruit (due to the smell I guess). Somehow, in a styrofoam box, the smell is less evident. You can find it in a Chinese supermart in the UK but it's a Thai durian and usually smell-less. Don't really like the taste of it either.

Gonna be busy on the last week here. Got activities plan and stuff to get. Gonna make the most of it as well... TTFN!


Shirley said...

WOW! Lady, you really went all over SG and more! Some of the places you've been, I've never even heard of them! Hahahaha! Well, just to let you know that I've uploaded 2day's pics cos i'm so so so very excited and happy! Go see so see! Not all the pics cos some of them not in my cam and some in my hp and too lazy to upload!

Edleen said...

Audrey!!! really great to finally meet up and hope you had fun hanging out with us all :D

hopefully next trip we get to do some cropping and more makan and chatting yeah ;)