Saturday, 8 August 2009

>>> BBQ! <<<

My dad's friend invited us over to his place for a BBQ. So off we went. The host happened to own a dog and it occupied the boys the entire nite especially Zac. He was so taken by the dog and was literally all over him. Not surprising, he asked me if we could take the dog home! Ha!

Lately, he has been asking for a dog but I've said no! Sorry, but having a dog is like having a perpetual baby for life. It's tiring enough having to do household chores, mind the boys, be a chauffeur, supervise their homework etc... the last thing I need is to look after a pet! Until the boys are older and more willing to pick up poo, we will stay petless for a while! Not to mention, you kinda get tied down once you have a pet. You can't just take off on a whim for a holiday as you then have to ensure there's someone who can look after and feed the pet. Oh and vet's bills for pet are atrociously expensive! Maybe there should be a rent a pet scheme whereby you hire a pet for 2 hrs, play with them and when done, return it back. That way you're spared the hassle of looking after one. LOL! After all, if zoo has come up with support an animal scheme, why not the domestic pets?

Anyway, here they are with the lovely dog that occupied them and kept them out of mischief! Certainly made my job easier that nite and I was able to watch a Chinese kungfu movie! :)


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like that copyright claim :)
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