Tuesday, 11 August 2009

>>> Another Fun-Filled Day! <<<

What a day! Spent the afternoon scrapping with friends, Clara & Jaz. I think we indulged more in chats than scrap! Well, we did do a bit of cutting and pasting but nothing concrete materalised! Here we are, capturing the moment, in true scrapper style!

In the evening, brought the boys for a swim in the public pool. Decided to join them and had a fun time, splashing water about and enjoying their company. My dad took some photos of us with the compact camera .

For dinner, brought the boys to Ang Mo Kio Town Centre for prata! Yes, I've been here for nearly a month and have not had my prata yet! Initially ordered a plain prata each for them but that wasn't enough. So another round was ordered. Both boys were brave enough to even dip their prata into the curry sauce. Gotta luv them for that... been trying to get them to eat spicy food... they need to, it's their heritage! They are part Peranakan and need to learn how to eat spicy food! This was then followed by Coffee Bean non-coffee ice-blended double chocolate drink... yum yum!

Been counting down the days and we've got nearly 3 more weeks here....sigh! Why do days pass so quickly when you're having fun? TTFN!

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Beautifullily said...

Looks like you;ve been having lots of fun on your hols - much more exciting than mine!!