Tuesday, 4 August 2009

>>> Another Sweltering Day! <<<

Gosh, it was another hot day again. Stayed in the whole day and only went out with the boys for dinner. We walked to the town centre where the boys somehow got me to get them Pokemon trading cards. Took them to the hawker centre to try something different. I managed to tuck into my Yong Tau Foo, where you get to pick 7 ingredients and choose which noodle you wanna eat with. Not sure if the heat got into me but I certainly didn't enjoy it! Weird, it's supposed to be my fav food as well. Did a bit of shopping too and bought a couple of blouses and skirts. Haven't had the chance to shop so far and I've been here for almost 20 days.

Had to call the Birmingham Council Payroll to sort out my salary. They apparently halted my holiday payment as I left a week early. Not sure what their reason was (well, they thought I wouldn't come back despite having proper documentation that was applied way back in January!) So there I was, on the phone, at my expense, trying to sort out the flippin' mess they created. They have agreed to pay me now .... we'll see! Good thing I checked my account online! I just can't believe they would simply stop payment just because I applied to leave early for the holidays. I didn't even give them a resignation letter, so how could they assume I wasn't coming back? Makes you wonder why you sign a contract when they can't even honour it on their side!!! Absolutely disgusted with them!

Rite, I'm off to scrap.... I need to let off steam! TTFN!


Emma said...

That sounds like complete madness Audrey, that sort of mistake can cost people dear!

lisa said...

Hey You !!!!! Love catching up with you and reading about what you 3 are getting up to? Don't complain about the weather,could be worse, you could be in the uk : )
lis xx

jazsutra said...

Hi Audrey, Im so glad to have found your blog. a friend Clara, got me here...and am so pleasantly surprise to see itz you.;) im jaz,used 2b from tsl ,if u remember me *oh no* ?!
btw, nice to read abt you & see your beautiful scrap stuffs ;).-jaz