Friday, 7 August 2009

>>> Yummy Mommies Nite! <<<

So I was invited to a ladies nite outing yesterday. My friend's Clara has a group of ladies whom she goes out once in a while and I was invited to join them. Oh what a nite! Our rendevous was at the Pump Room in Clarke Quay. Gosh it was really crowded that nite (but I'm told only on Fri & Sat nites). We had a table booked for us and we had dinner. The fun only started from 11pm onwards when the band came out to play. Music was good and we had a great time dancing to it. Not forgetting the alcohol too. We bought a bottle of Vodka and had it with either orange or cranberry juice. I made a mistake of indulging a wee bit too much (had 2 shots as well)... should know myself better... I don't drink! Needless to say, it didn't stay long inside me (shan't go too much into details there! LOL!)

Took a cab home and the chap was a little chatty and asked why I was going home so early... eh at nearly 2am, that's late for me. So he concluded I wasn't a serial clubber. Ritely so! Gosh, my head was already bursting and I was dying to go to bed. Funnily enough, didn't actually shut my eyes till 6ish! Well, I leave with some photos of the evening:

The yummy mommies! Let's just say that all of us are mommies with at least 1 kid. Who say you can't be a mom and have fun at the same time! :)

My scrapper friends. It was lovely meeting Jaz (in the middle) in the flesh. Knew her online before.

He came sneaking into the picture without us knowing. LOL! He's the waiter that served us and he did a darn good job!


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jazsutra said...

Hey audrey.. had such a great PUMPtime wif you gals the other nite.tfs the photos..o man, the one with the waiter is so darn cute!!was great finally met you,after so many years huh.thx for being such a nice company and all.c u soon ;)-jaz