Sunday, 30 August 2009

>>> Last Minute Shopping! <<<

The weekend was spent doing last minute shopping (why I always leave it to the last minutes is beyond comprehension but I do!) So hubs and I was rushing about getting food stuff and whatever!

We even found time to look at flats as my bro is thinking of getting one and we tagged along with him to view some flats. So now we have an idea about the housing issue in Singapore. Might explore that option further.

Dad cooked my fav dish, pepper crabs. He's a fab cook and he went out to get 2 huge crabs. The boys had fun playing with them (with supervision) before he killed them for cooking. Crabs have to be killed just before cooking so their fresh is perfect for eating.

The boys having a good look at live crabs.

Pepper crabs. Man, they were finger licking good! It will be a while before I eat this dish again!

Did a bit of packing. I shudder to think how much luggage we are gonna be bringing home....TTFN!

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