Tuesday, 25 August 2009

>>> Sentosa! <<<

My dad persuaded us to visit Sentosa as there has been a lot of changes. So we did. We bought a package ticket which allowed us to visit 3 activities and 1 attraction. Typical, the boys couldn't agree which ones so each chose their own. Thankfully there was only 1 different activity between them so each adult accompanied each child.

We went on the first activity which was Sedway ride. Basically it was an equipment with 2 large wheels. To move it depended upon body movement. After a few tries, we were off. Zac was helped as he found it hard to manoeuvre the equipment. Oliver merely zipped away rather quickly! It was really fun!

Then Zac & I headed to the Merlion where we somehow managed our way to the top of the merlion head and mouth. Zac managed to persuade me to get him a stuff merlion toy. Then all of us visited Images of Singapore, a museum which told the history of Singapore.

We then tried the attraction called Luge. Basically a go-kart like activity with a slight difference. You move the kart using the handle only. Again, Zac couldn't manage it so I sat with him. At the end of it, we took the Skyward up which was basically a ski-cable.

Finally ended up at Siloso Beach where my dad, Zac and I sat down and enjoyed the sea breeze while hubs and Oliver visited their last activity. Later both boys occupied themselves, playing with the sand. Unfortunately we had to rush them home but we promised the boys to return the next day. TTFN!

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