Friday, 28 August 2009

>>> Scrap Buddies! <<<

Went over to Jaz' place today to meet a bunch of Singaporean scrapping buddies. Oh boy, was a great time I had. Firstly, it was lovely to meet up with like-minded gals who share the same passion, scrapbooking but even better when makan (meal) is included and boy did we feast and chat. None of us scrap but we certainly did exercise our gobs a lot more! LOL! What I luv about this hobby is when online friends transcends into real life ones and that's what it should be about! I certainly enjoyed the afternoon with them and look forward to seeing them next year.

My first meeting with most of these scrappers and hopefully not the last!

Glad to finally meet Emeline (middle) as we are both on the Banana Frog team and it's always fab to meet someone you know online. Jaz is the hostess who kindly open her apartment for this meeting. Thanx gal!

Knew Edleen when we were on Asian Dares a while back and again, it was great to meet face to face with someone you work with before!

I've got only 3 more days in Singapore before I leave! Feeling kinda sad that the summer hols are almost over. Back to routine and the chores! Well, at least I did have a good rest for 7 weeks. Feeling kinda refreshed and I think that's important! I have a lot to do to when I return, namely, clear out my excessive, unworn clothes and re-sort my craft room. Hubs has already done his part in clearing his side of the wardrobe so it's my turn now. I need to completely overhaul my craft room as well so will need to tackle that task in the first week of Sept. Wondering if I should even think about the loft??? Nah.... TTFN!

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Coochies & All said...

So good to finally meet you Audrey! Love your work and guess what - I just bought some promarkers this morning! Can't wait to use them - thanks so much for introducing them to me! :) Have a safe journey back to England and keep in touch! :)
elaine t