Wednesday, 12 August 2009

>>> Lady Gaga! <<<

So hubs arrived today! Lucky chap got upgraded to business class from Dubai to Singapore as someone arrived with the same seat number as his and since he's a Skyward passenger, he was given priority for upgrade!

Before his arrival, he told me about Lady Gaga playing live in concert and got me to book tickets for it. Kinda surprised me as I didn't expect him to be a fan of hers! Anyway, I did and the concert was held at Fort Canning Park, an open-space venue. The wee lady kept us waiting for slightly over an hour before she appeared. But she did give a good performance, having had a few costume changes in-between. Caught her on my compact camera (although I'm sure I would have had better pics with my DSLR but just didn't fancied bringing it along with me).

This was her second last performance, singing Poker Face as a ballad. Her last song was of course Poker Face. Couldn't get good shots as people were constantly sticking their hands up in the air!

Certainly had a great time at her concert. Worth the experience as it has been years since I've been to one! TTFN!

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~amy~ said...

Fun concert Audrey....hey you're package will go postal tomorrow...