Friday, 31 July 2009

>>> Fancy A Dip? <<<

The boys got another chance at swimming again. My friend invited us to her condo which houses a large pool and the boys had a great time swimming with her kids. As Zac hasn't learnt to swim properly, he had to go into the baby's pool where there were equipments to amuse him. Later, we managed to find some shallow areas in the deep pool where he played to his heart's content. I leave with photos of today's event:

As usual, he has to go down the slide in a different way!

That certainly wasn't meant for him!

The two boys at the baby pool. The see-saw actually squirts water when you go up and down. Have to say, I was quite impressed with the water equipments.

At the shallow end of the deep pool. These little fountains could be activated simply by the touch of a button.


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