Saturday, 18 July 2009

>>> It's Saturday! <<<

The boys again asked to go swimming but was again refused! Ollie's eyes are slightly swollen due to his constant rubbing and as it's the weekend, the pool will be packed with people. Instead, I brought them to the park and as a treat, allowed them to have a Happy Meal at MacDonald's.

The park has an exercise station and the boys lost no time in trying them out.

Zac's fav activity... riding on one of these motorised vehicles. Ollie felt a little embarrassed so didn't want to take part. Cost: S$3 for 15 mins of pleasure!

While we were in the town central, we dropped in at the camera store and my dad got me this baby:

So chuffed as it has been on my wishlist for a while ever since I upgraded my camera lens to 18 - 200mm. Since it was a big lens for my D40 body, at times the lens got in the way of the flash. Hopefully with this new baby, it won't happen anymore! Can't wait to have a play with it! :)


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