Friday, 24 July 2009

>>> Another Week Gone! <<<

OMG! A week has almost passed since the last vacation posting. Where has time gone? Seriously it's passing by far too quickly for my liking.

The boys and I haven't done much although I did allow them out. On Monday, we eventually caved in and took them swimming! Yeah, they did have fun and so did I, capturing them on my camera.

On Tuesday, I brought Oliver to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was good although there was a couple of tedious bits that got me nodding off only to be awakened by my son! On Wednesday and Thursday, brought the boys to the two different parks. They both luv the exercise station at the park and never fail to experiment with the various equipments. But the biggest draw is the playground and it's ever so difficult to get them off.

Zac having a go at doing situps in Yio Chu Kang Park

Zac climbing up the vertical ladders at Bishan Park. His fear was going over to the other side but somehow he managed to conquer it and got over.

At the playground in Bishan Park.

On Friday, I met up with a friend while my dad brought Oliver out and mom looked after Zac. I managed to pop into Orchard Road and was transfixed by the new changes. Well, a new mega shopping center, Ion, was built. (It was an empty site last year when I was there). As if we don't have enough shopping centres here already! I didn't have much time to look around as I wanted to check out the Apple Store. Yes, I'm seriously thinking about switching to the Mac... had enough of PC!

Let see what the next few days bring.... definitely taking it easy and slow here. :) TTFN!

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lisa said...

Lovely catching up with all your goings on. Looks like you are the boys are keeping very busy : )