Wednesday, 15 July 2009

>>> Last Minute Scramble! <<<

Typical! The day I travel, I'm trying to do 101 things at the same time! No wonder I'm stressed out and suffering from insomnia! Luggage yet to pack and trying to finish up my boys' teachers gifts! Thankfully I opted for simplicity... merely decorating a calendar planner for the school year! Thank goodness cards have been made months ago (thanks to 365 Cards challenges). Now what's the chance of moi sleeping on the plane.... nada! I can't sleep on planes. So after 17 hrs of flying, I'm gonna be a zombie by the time I hit Singapore!

Enough rambling and back to packing.... will catch up on my blog when I'm in Singapore! Until then... TTFN!

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Beautifullily said...

Hope you have a safe journey Audrey and enjoy your summer break. Look forward to reading your updates.