Friday, 17 July 2009

>>> Happy Birthday Oliver! <<<

Today is officially my eldest son's 9th birthday. Gosh, how the years flew. His grandad bought him a cake and I got him a DS Lite as his current one is no longer working. I did want to get him the latest DSi but was told it was pointless spending extra just for the camera which would eventually be a white elephant and I was offered a good price for a package deal so I went for it. I had a good browse at Sim Lim Tower, a place that sold mainly electrical stuff from camera to computers as well as electrical components. Checked out a couple of laptops too which are so dirt cheap now! Mmm ... might be tempted to get one later!

We did the usual birthday celebration for Oliver i.e. cutting the cake and giving him his pressie.

His grandad gave his some cash to spend so he was naturally delighted. Guess I'll probably bring him to a Lego shop to choose his gift.

As for myself, tried to book an appointment to get a hair cut for tomorrow but was told to come immediately instead as my fav hairdresser wasn't in tomorrow. So off I went. Had my hair coloured in a mahgony shade and he gave me a 'Vidal Sassoon' bob cut. Quite pleased with it and he even thinned it as I do have quite thick hair which can make styling a little difficult. I didn't finish till 9 pm and by then it was too late to do any shopping as shops were starting to close. So I had dinner outside instead. Such a bliss not having to cook everyday.

Boys are yearning to swim but as both have colds at the moment, keeping them indoors for the time being. With the threat of swine flu around, quaranting them for the moment till they are better. It so hard to keep them indoors as both want to go out but better be safe than sorry! TTFN!

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