Thursday, 16 July 2009

>>> We Have Arrived! <<<

Wednesday passed like a blur! The day started out as per normal routine but in between, I was frantically packing and ensuring nothing was forgotten (I'm sure I will remember something mid-air)! Thankfully I had checked in online so we arrived at the airport an hour before departure, checked in the baggages and immediately headed for the departure lounge. People were already boarding the plane which incidentally was full house too.

Flight was eventful. Both boys occupied themselves with the inflight entertainment which had tons of movies & games. And they slept, a lot too! Had to wake them up when we reached Dubai to change planes and immediately on board, they went off to sleep again until the last 2 hours before arrival in Singapore. As for myself, didn't sleep a wink and spent most of the time playing a Shanghai Mahjong game (which was highly addictive).

My dad and brother greeted us and took us home. Since both boys didn't eat much on the plane, Ollie was first to ask for his fav food, hor fun. We arrive at 2120 but I doubt very much the boys will be sleeping early tonite.... the time difference will be drastically altered for the next few days!

I leave with some photos of our flight.... TTFN!

In Dubai airport

In Dubai airport. We had to catch another flight from Dubai to Singapore.

Both completely and utterly fast asleep!

As soon as they woke up, they were busy watching a movie. (Excuse the crap photography)


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