Wednesday, 17 January 2007

>>> Tuesday Rambling! <<<

Postie brought me 2 parcels today! One was from Homegrown Dec Trilogy kit but still no sign of my Nov kit. A very strong suspicion that it might have accidentally be sent off via surface mail. It happened to one of the US kits before especially during the Xmas rush! Sigh... more waiting to do! The other was from 2peas where I had bought some stamps. Instead of using an envelope, those idiots use a pizza box! Just can't bloody believe it... what a waste of postage! The stamps and a little journaling book was wrapped in a plastic with a hardback so it could easily have gone into an envelope. Sigh!

Did two layouts but all DT related. I'm so loving stamping on transparency... a la Hambly style. Luv their transparencies but so difficult to get them in the UK. Some stores do sell them but not all the range. Hence, decided to make them myself instead. After, need to justify the cost of my stamps!

Ollie went for his usual violin orchestra practice after school. Have been drumming into him to put on his best behaviour but I think he will from now onwards as he has seen how pleased his teachers are with him when he's good. Plus on my side, lots of bribing too! He has been warned if he misbehaves, he will be kicked out!

Today marks the start of the Asian Dares.... the Asian scrapbooking community gals have come up with the Dares with a slight Asian flavour so check the blog out! TTFN!

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