Friday, 19 January 2007

>>> Gales, Storms & Chaos! <<<

The weather today was awful... so windy and it caused chaos on the roads and led to unfortunate accidents too. Thankfully, the only driving I did was to send my boys to school and back. I refused to drive anywhere else. Now a little worried that the fences at the back might blow off as it did a few years back with the strong gales that we had. Gosh, never before I had experience such ferocious winds i.e before coming to this country. Since being here, have experienced the tremors of earthquake.. and will never forget it. I've skidded on ice and it was a frightening experience, never mind the fact that my parents were with me then and since then, dad has always warned me about driving slowly during winter! Oh and having a tornado in Birmingham! Thankfully I wasn't affected but it was too close for comfort! TTFN!

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