Friday, 12 January 2007

>>> Friday Again! <<<

Did 12 ATCs today. I'm in a swap doing Months of the Year and chose May. As deadline is looming up, had to do it by today and sent it off.

Went to the newsagent to check up on my CK mag but no sign of it. Picked the boys up as usual and went to MIL's house. Was so tired that I actually took catnap there! Doesn't help that the weather is awful... terribly windy and cold too. Enough to make you want to hibernate till spring!

Gosh, it's Friday again... time is just looming past so quickly. Zac's 4th birthday is coming up soon. Doubt if we will have a party but will see if we can bring him out to celebrate! He sure as hell doesn't act his age... he's definitely more mature than he looks! A little boy that can easily out-talk you and twist you around his fingers! But so stinking cute!

Rite, off to do more creative work... TTFN!

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