Sunday, 7 January 2007

>>> Sunday Happenings! <<<

Gloom and dreariness
Greeted us as we woke up
Didn't hamper us though
As we went out to shop.

Got ourselves a carbon monoxide alarm
Chinese groceries at Wing Yip
Had tim sum at Wing Wah restaurant
And a visit to MIL's house.

Day was still awful
But that didn't stop us
From having a little fun
And shopping therapy.

(Oops! Discovered a parcel sitting out the front porch. Postie apparently delivered a parcel yesterday but failed to ring the doorbell to inform us and as we didn't go out, never realised about the parcel. Thank goodness it wasn't stolen or worst, got wet from the rain! It was my Bingo Xmas win which I participated at the Scrapitude forum. Great scrapping stuff in there! Thanx Cathy!)


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