Saturday, 13 January 2007

>>> Routines! <<<

Brought Zac for soccer lessons as he had wanted to go after seeing a flyer but when we were there, instead of joining in, he merely stood around and absolutely refused to play. After half an hour, we took him home. Doubt if I'm bringing him for anymore soccer lessons.

Today marks the start of Mandarin classes for Oliver so we brought him for his class. After that we went to the Big W to look for a lunch box for Zac as his isn't in a good condition. Found the Annuals going for half price and bought them a Spiderman and Power Rangers. Then, other stuff fell into the basket as well. There was a large section of clearance sale too. We had a bit of time and went into DFS to look at the sofas as hubby fancied a corner suite. However, as we hardly ever use the living room, I didn't fancy getting one. Pointless buying a corner suite just for showcase.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing about. The boys watched Cbeebies on cable while I was in between sleep. I tend to feel rather sleepy in the late afternoon these days. TTFN!

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