Monday, 8 January 2007

>>> Heating Failure! <<<

In the midst of crafting when the phone rang at 10.30am. It was Ollie's school asking me to bring him home as the heating had failed! So off I went! Boy was he ever so pleased as he had pleaded not to go to school in the morning. Anyway, gave him some craft homework to do at home.

Phwee! My orders for Purple Onion stamps came today and boy are they gorgeous! Hence, did a sort out of my stamps and arranged them neatly in a folder so that they are accessible for use. I find I use them more if I see them. I now need to sort my clear stamps as currently they are in their own packaging in a basket but they are rapidly filling up and I might put them in a folder soon. Luv my stamps... find I don't need to use embellishments if I have my stamps around as they do act as embellishments! Later in the afternoon, tidied up my buttons as they are rapidly increasing and getting a wee bit mix up. So sorted them out by colours.

Still find my craft room a mess despite sorting it out... sigh... need to do a major clearout and sell out! TTFN!

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