Saturday, 20 January 2007

>>> Cars! <<<

Brought Ollie for his Mandarin class and with 2 hours to kill, hubby went to look at cars. Headed for the Mercedes showroom where he was attracted to a particular car. He's due to change his car and he looking around to see which is his next car. My only request is that there is space in the backseat as currently his Audi is flippin pathetic at the back! Poor boys hardly got any room when hubby pushes his seat way back. Hence, that is my only requirement... space at the back. Other than that, I'm not too bothered what car he has as I never ever touch his car. One of those chaps who's particularly obsessed with his car and moans if it's not in tip top condition, even though it's merely a company car!!! Anyway, I do have my own car and am very happy driving it.

Then we checked out BMW but it was just plain awful! I wasn't impressed and neither was he. Finally hopped over to the Audi showroom. I don't really like Audi cars... they may be nice on the exterior but their interior just doesn't do for me! Anyway, shall let him do the choosing since he's gonna be driving the car, not moi! I kinda like the last car he had... VW Passat. Great car with loads of space at the back! We even drove the car in Germany and it drove great... as you know, there's no speed limit on the German motorways and that car flew so silently! Fabulous! Might hint to him about looking at VW. TTFN!

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