Tuesday, 23 January 2007

>>> Rouge de Garance! <<<

Oh man, those papers rock! I caved in and got the Series Limitee from Banana Frog and they are absolutely gorgeous! Just too yummy to be used so I'm gonna stroke it for a while before tearing them! LOL! But seriously the colours are just so rich. Check out the site to see it!

Still no sight of my elusive stamp... sigh

Yah, the new series of CSI starts next Tuesday! Man these days TV programmes are starting to get better! Why is it that during the autumn/winter months that they show great programmes but in summer, utter rubbish! Anyway, here's a recap:
Monday - Prison Break (new series is great) & American Top Model (coming) I actually do like that!
Tuesday - CSI Vegas and NY (I think)
Wednesday - Desperate Housewives
Thursday - Grey's Anatomy
Friday - can't think of any at the moment but re-runs of CSI!
Yup, as you can guess, they are all American programmes but then I grew up watching American programmes and find them 1) easy to understand & 2) great entertaining value. Somehow British programmes does my head in... trying to reconcile all the different accents and then having to concentrate sometimes on the show itself. But I think the main issue is the accents. How I utterly dislike when you get one of these sales call on your mobile and you have an accent that you are trying your best to understand let alone answer any questions they ask!!! What's worst when you ask them to repeat, they say it even faster... in the end I just give up and tell them I'm too busy to take their call!

Rite, off to create.... mojo's calling + CSI is on .....TTFN!

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