Friday, 5 January 2007

>>> More Clearing Up! <<<

After completing a LO in the morning, spent the afternoon clearing the mess in my bedroom. Gosh, there's tons of rubbish under the bed, besides the wardrobe etc. So armed with a black bin bag, started going thru the rubbish.... can you imagine month's old newspapers, letters, cards, magazines (mostly hubby's and mostly unread, still in their plastic covers! Why on earth he buys them I just don't understand!). Had no time to hoover up as it was time to pick the boys but the amount of dust is just unbelievable....!

Boys spent the afternoon with their nan's . They usually visit her every Friday after school. However Ollie wanted to rush home so that he could watch NumberJacks on the Cbeebies channel. Sigh! These days he's getting more demanding, wanting to use the computer to play games online etc.

Next task to tackle is the clothes... load of unworn clothes that need to be sorted out and given away... running out of wardrobe space now. Gosh, that's a thankless task as I've got the 4 of us to sort! Moreover, being a sentimentalist, I've this tendency to keep clothes for memory sake...just have to toughen out and throw it! TTFN!

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Marja said...

Ahhh must be that time of year or something when we all feel like we should clear up and get organised! I'm in that same boat and each time I swear I will keep up with it and never let it get bad again. Never stay on top of it though, lol!