Sunday, 28 January 2007

>>> Exciting Day! <<<

Spent the wee hours of the morning trying my Imagepac stamp kit and had little success. Well, this time, got some image but scrubbed too hard and hence, some of them was scrubbed off! Still failed to produce one that I'm pleased after 4 attempts. If I had known how difficult it would be, would have been better sticking to bought ones instead!

My SIL with her 2 boys came over and so we went to China Court to have tim sum! Man, it was delicous.... as usual, gorged myself silly (I do eat a lot seriously.... just that my size doesn't show it!) My nephew's such a cutie... he could actually hold a chopstick and eat with it! I'm dead impressed as he's only 4!

After picking Ollie up from his Mandarin class, we went to Wing Yip to get some Chinese groceries as we are completely out of rice. I only eat Thai Fragant rice. Hubby did suggest getting American rice but got a good stare from me.... there's nothing nice than the smell of cooked rice and the taste of it. American rice is just so smelless and tasteless! Yuks! No wonder it's half the price of Thai rice! Sorry but if you want good rice, nothing beats the Thai!

Back home, the boys' cousins came over and riot ensued! Try keeping 4 energetic boys quiet is an achievement. By the time they left, it was 9pm. Then SIL's car decided not to cooperate! Apparently the alternater gave out so she couldn't go home. They had to call AA and he took about 2 hrs to arrive! Anyway, hopefully it will be sorted tomorrow as her eldest has to play in a rugby match in Leicester!

As for me, worked on a DT layout. Suddenly find myself inundated with tons of assignment! TTFN!

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