Thursday, 4 January 2007

>>> School Started! <<<

Whee! The boys went back to school today but I had a difficult time getting them up for school. Anyway, had my 6hr free to myself and did a LO. Hard to scrap with them around as you are constantly interrupted.

Have been clearing up my craft room too. When hubby created this room, he brought my stuff from downstair to here and simply chucked them in boxes. Hence I had to go thru each boxes and threw out loads of rubbish! Even re-organised my scrap supplies into colours. Sorted my patterned papers into colours too. Well, not all though, certain brands are by themselves e.g. Basic Grey, Daisy Ds, Urban Lily, Chatterbox etc. In fact, papers which I had a fair amount of the same brand were kept together for the time being. Then I went through all my kits and separated the papers and the embellishments. New kits are still kept together but those used ones are filed away. Did a quick stock check and realised I've got far too many papers... enough to last me a lifetime seriously! Not much in terms of embellishments but loads of stamps which are currently my all time favs! Oh and loads of ribbons and alphas in any form! Scratching my head as to how best to store them efficiently! By colours, separately each letter etc.... sigh! How on earth did I get into this hobby......

Mission for this year... to try and use up my bellies, sort out papers I no longer or will not ever use and get rid of it. Pointless keeping them. Scrap more too... currently averaging 15 LOs a month... see if I can do another 10 more. Do more projects like mini albums! More altered stuff too. Most importantly spend less online... they do eat into scrapping time!

Best get on with the clearing up while the mood is there........ TTFN!

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