Tuesday, 2 January 2007

>>> Jammies Day! <<<

We spent a lazy day in our jammies, just chilling out playing games and watching TV. The boys didn't want to change out from their jammies. It felt good actually, just lazing around knowing other people had to go back to work, namely hubby! Thankfully he came back pretty late and by then the boys were already asleep. Don't think he would be pleased to know his sons were lounging around in their jammies, including their mom!

Wow! Just a mini toot! I've been taking part in the Scrapitude year long Goals contest last year and the result was announced today. Initially there were quite a number who took part but by December, it had whittled down to 3. I didn't win the overall contest but I was asked to become a permanent Design Team member. Wow! I'm truly honoured and of course said YES! Nice to have a purpose for scrapping! What a great start to a New Year! TTFN!

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