Monday, 22 January 2007

>>> Frustrating! <<<

Received my Catslife Press stamps today and in the process of sorting them out, somehow managed to lose one piece! It just completely disappeared and despite my best efforts in looking for it, I just couldn't find it. Really pissed me off big time as I usually stamp them onto an A5 sheet then laminate it so that the stamps are stuck on the back. The whole sheet is then kept put into a page protector and stored in a folder for easy access. I found that since doing it that way, I tend to use them more as they are now accessible. So now I can't laminate the sheet and it's annoying me that my best effort at organisation is being thwarted by a missing stamp! Checked the bin, checked myself too but to no avail. Just hope it will turn up somehow!

Was checking out Maya Road DT blog and found to my surprise, that I'm a recipient of a RAK. Cool... and it would be the new CHA stuff too.... pretty chuff to bits as I luv Maya Road stuff!

Rite, need to finish off some DT stuff... TTFN!

1 comment:

Anam said...

YEAH!! maya road RAKS rock - i recieved one recently and it was stunning. poohey about the stamps.