Friday, 26 January 2007

>>> Dishonest Seller! <<<

Word of warning... avoid this online store Since placing an order on 19th Dec 06, and having money taken out of my Paypal account, I've yet to receive any good from the store. My attempts on contacting her via email hasn't been successful either, only had one response saying my order sounded familiar and she'll check and let me know later... Well, I have had no news from her nor any goods! What surprise me most is that she used to be prompt in her customer service and response. Hence no idea why she has suddenly turn the table upon herself. Anyway, I've initiated a Paypal dispute and she will now have to answer. Failing that, I will escalate the issue and claim it back from Paypal. They are pretty good at giving refunds from errant sellers.

Did a LO in the afternoon using my new stamps. Will need to sort out my stuff for the second hand table as I'm going to a crop this Sunday.

Ollie was invited to his friend's house today and I was to pick him up at 6.30pm. So I picked up Zac and headed to MIL's house. There, he asked his nan if he could sleep over which she agreed. Little bunny was so happy. He luvs the attention he gets from his nan, even better without Oliver around.

Rite, will give my Imagepac a try tonite! Been dragging my feet for fear of failure... which reminds me... I've yet to receive my replacement pack that they were supposed to send me! Sigh! Need to chase up again! TTFN!

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