Saturday, 28 February 2009

>>> Update! <<<


The boys received their new belts in their martial arts class but not before performing a demonstration for parents.

Ollie doing his demonstration

Zac doing his demonstration
Not perfect photos as I had my camcorder on one hand too. These were taken with my camera hung around me and moi merely clicking on the button.

Ollie with his new belt. Zac takes after his brother's!


Zac went on a school trip to the Art Museum in Birmingham. His class got back an hour and 15 mins late as the bus forgot to pick them up and instead came straight to school to pick up another class. Poor chap was starving when he got back. He was moaning how bored he was while waiting! Wonder what the teachers did with them during the wait!


The usual workshop, grocery shopping. I did get to lie-in on Sunday... bliss! :) TTFN!

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