Saturday, 14 February 2009

>>> The Party! <<<

Zac had his birthday party at Scallywags, an indoor softplay area which is miles nicer than Wacky Warehouse (which I find is getting rather jaded and dirty). This place was huge, bright and cheery!

Best of all, when I was checking it out, they allowed me to go in and take a look unlike the other two places, Funky Monkeys and Hickory Dickorys who merely told me to just look from the reception area. Tough luck, if I'm gonna spend money on a party, I definitely wanna look at the play area and also to show it to the birthday boy to see if he likes it. And if company take a dim view of that, too bad, they lose my business! So I thoroughly recommend Scallywags. A great place for children's party and the food is good too. They offer free flow of drinks, free face painting/tattoo for the birthday kid and free hot drinks for the birthday kid's parents. The customer service was great too. Meal was served buffet style and there's a choice of cold, hot or mixed buffet. We went for mixed buffet and I like the fact that the kids have a range of food choices as opposed to just a singular meal. I think they ate more. Cakes were served after the meal as well as ice-cream.

I leave with a few photos of the event:

Zac's birthday cupcakes

Meal time. A mix of cold and hot buffet.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles! Can't believe he's 6!!!


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