Sunday, 8 February 2009

>>> Chill Out! <<<

Another chilled out weekend.

Sunday started out as a brillant day, with sunshine and it looked promising! We had to get a sack of rice from the Chinese supermarket, along with some snacks as well. Then we hopped into Costco to get some water where hubs found a pair of Levi's jeans. He had gone to town yesterday to buy one but couldn't find a suitable pair and Costco provided him with one, even cheaper than what was sold in town! Final hop at Fort Shopping Centre to check the price of Wii. That will be Zac's birthday pressie this coming Friday.

Scrapitude forum held a Card-athon this weekend and I was involved. I created a card challenge. The other gals chipped in as well so we have a week to complete the challenges. I seriously need some cards as birthdays are coming so this will be a good time to do them.

There is still snow on the ground and I took a few of Zac trying to fatten the snowman we had in the garden.

After all his efforts, the snowman is still skinny! LOL!


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