Thursday, 5 February 2009

>>> More Snow Yet Again! <<<

So it happened! More snow fell and this morning I received a text from Zac's school announcing it's closure. Yah! So I waited for another one from the Juniors.... nothing! And I was thinking... they can't do this... aren't both schools supposed to collaborate with each other... how can one be opened and the other not. So in the end, hubs brought Oliver to school. His school was opened alright much to the annoyance of a lot of parents who had to drag their little ones along as well.

Had a very uncrafty day... the boiler man came to repair the boiler and spent a good 4 hours doing it. I even provided him lunch as he came about 11am and didn't leave till 3.15pm! Poor chap must have been starving as he was working non-stop! He did accept the offer of a sandwich and a banana and loads of tea!

Seeing that I was stuck at home, hubs offered to pick Ollie up from school. Heard from him that he had only 6 pupils in class today and almost every class was the same. Looks like a lot of parents kept their kids at home. Anyway, I wanted Ollie to go today as he had violin lessons and his music teacher actually turned up!

Hubs decided to let the boys try sledging. We bought this sleek sledge a couple of years back and never got the chance to use it. When we got there, we were dismayed to find that most of the snow on the hill was gone as they were a few number of people sledging . Anyway, we decided to give it a go. The boys had a whale of a time. They have never done it before and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Having their first go!

They soon became pro in no time!

So I had a go... sheesh, it was scary initially but it was fun! Here we are on the slightly higher but rather muddy hill.

We ended with a snowball fight!

All of us ended with muddy clothes, frozen extremities but we had so much fun! As I said before, we hardly get that much snow so we just have to make the most of it!!! Now that is what winter is all about! TTFN!

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