Saturday, 21 February 2009

>>> The Weekend! <<<


The day started out bright and sunny. I invited the boys' friends over to play, a pair of sisters, both of whom are in each of the boy's class. Well, all of them had a fun time playing with Wii. They did have a bit of run in the garden but not for long as it's still chilly despite the sunny weather. The boys did enjoy their company and it makes a change having gals around.

The later part of the afternoon was spent in their Nan's house. Later Zac stayed over while Ollie and I headed for home. Hubs came back early i.e. 6pm (he's normally not in till 8pm) and we made an impromptu trip to Star City for dinner instead. I took it he was too lazy to cook so decided to go out to eat... fine by me :). We tried a new restaurant called Oodles Noodles which was a pan Oriental cuisine. Have to say it was good, much to my surprise! Ollie wanted to watch Bolt but we felt it wasn't fair to Zac. He would have a fit if he knew we watched a movie without him. That boy is so calculating these days.... gosh, he goes into mathematic overdrive if he knew his brother had something more than him, especially in the snack area.

We had been debating whether to get a hotel in London for tomorrow nite as the boys have a violin concert on Sunday at the Royal Festive Hall in the Southbank Centre. They have to be at the Hall early on Sunday for rehersal which means an early trip down to London. In the end, we decided we rather drive down early as opposed to staying in London. Not so keen to do any sightseeing in London (translate that to I can't be bothered to pack for an overnite stay as I've yet to unpack from the time we spent in Poole early this year!!!)


A quiet day for us. We only went out in the evening to see Bolt as the boys wanted to see it. It was entertaining.

Early nite for us as we are off to London tomorrow! TTFN!

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