Tuesday, 3 February 2009

>>> More Snow! <<<

Thankfully the heavy snow meant that schools were closed today and we had a lovely time indoors, more precisely, in bed, watching TV and playing with our DSs! In the afternoon, got them out to play in the snow. It's rare that we have so much snow and it's a sin if we don't play with them! So we did and I made sure my camera was on remote so that I could get in on the action as well.

Oliver doing the butterfly action in the snow!

Preparing for snowball fight!

Building our mini snowman.

The snowball fight!

Putting the finishing touches to our snowman. Ok, he's a little on the skinny side!

This came for me today. Bought it from this site where they had 40% off Crocs shoes during Jan sales. They are my most fav pairs of shoes. I own at least half a dozen different pairs at the moment. There are a couple that I have to say aren't comfortable, notably Sassari and Prima. The rest are great!

Unfortunately when I put it on, my toes were hitting the front part and I was so disappointed. I called them up and they were willing to exchange for the next size up so I sent it off. It's weird but usually size 4 fits me but some different styles require me to get size 5, notably, Endeavor. Anyway, can't wait to get it .... they look so hip and funky! Seeing that I already own a brown and black pairs of boots, that's why I went for hot pink!

Hubs came back with a big smile on his face... the Jag is back! He had an accident in December and it was sent for repair. In the meantime, he was given a Golf GTi to drive, which sucks! The front passenger seat was ever so uncomfortable. I'm glad it's back too... miss it!

Right I'm off to do some scrapping! Got a few projects to complete... TTFN!

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Toni-Ann said...

love the boots Aud, i wonder if they do green???