Saturday, 14 February 2009

>>> Happy Birthday Zac! <<<

My little boy turns 6 today (on the 13th!). Sheesh, where has the time gone? I can still vividly remember him making his entrance a wee bit too early for comfort as he was due on the 14th but decided to cause me anguish on the 12th instead. Unfortunately I had just had dinner and therefore, they couldn't do a C-section immediately so I had to endure 6 hrs of labour pains! As I had problems giving birth naturally for my eldest, I opted not to do it this time. Eventually I was wheeled into the surgery and out he came on the 13th in the wee hours of the morning.

His school celebrated his birthday (& the others) during assembly and parents are invited to witness it.

After blowing out candles, the birthday gal/boy gets a pencil

Later during home time, he gave out sweets to his friends. In the evening, we held a mini celebration for him. Instead of getting the traditional Chinese cake, I decided to make him cupcakes instead.

Hubs got him a Wii for his birthday pressie.

As usual, we are always the last to get such stuff as his cousins already do have a Wii and other games stations as well. Hubs set it up in the living room and both boys had a go at it. It took Zac a while to get use to the controls but once mastered, he beat Oliver at most games (much to Ollie's annoyance!) I'm intending to get the fitness board so that I can do some exercises or rather, have fun doing exercises! :)

Tomorrow is Zac's party and it's held at Scallywags, an indoor softplay area. I've been baking all nite as he's having cupcakes for his birthday cake.

The kiddies' cupcakes, vanilla cupcake with chocolate buttercream, topped with jelly beans.

The adults' cupcake... banana cupcake with vanilla buttercream, topped with a walnut

Can't wait for all this to be over.... haven't scrapped for a while and getting withdrawal symptoms! It's also half term too ... hooray, no need to get up early. I certainly need a break from that. The boys will be busy next week practising their violins as they have a concert in London next Sunday! TTFN!

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