Sunday, 22 February 2009

>>> London! <<<

We made an early start for London, was out of the house by 7.30am. We had to be at the Royal Festive Hall by 10ish for the boys' violin rehearsal. They have a performance in the afternoon, organised by the British Suzuki Organisation.

Thank goodness for satnav! We got to the venue in good time and went on a sightseeing trip in London as we passed a fair number of well-known streets. The venue was teaming with people, kids especially with their violins. At 11am, their rehersal started and I got hubs to videotape them while I was clicking away. Here's some shots of them:

Their conductor is French and a really humourous chap. He certainly made the rehearsal fun!

Can you spot them?

The li'l scruffy one... thank goodness it was only rehearsal! Didn't manage to get good single shots of Ollie as he was blocked by the front row people.

We broke up for lunch and had about 3 hrs of free time. After lunch, we took a walk outside where the boys were entertained by the street performers. We passed the London Eye, the Parliament House and Big Ben and walked along the Thames.

The street performers. There were quite a few of them. Wonder how much takings they get in a day?

Bless my MIL! She took this photo of us, holding the camera pretty awkwardly. But she did well and I merely cropped out unwanted bits!

The rascals... can't never get them to pose nicely for me!

After two fun hours, we went into the Festive Hall to allow the boys to rest. Finally it was time for them to go in. The concert lasted 2 hours and they were the finale. No photography was allowed but there were so many parents sneaking a pic or two and some even videoing them. How can you not resist... seeing your kid performing on stage! Anyway, I managed a couple of sneaky pics...

This was one of the best shots of my sneaky pics! Taken without flash. Zac is right in front while Ollie is just behind him on his right.

Needless to say, I will be buying the DVD of the concert. :) My dad would luv to see it. TTFN!

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