Tuesday, 10 February 2009

>>> Duh! >>>

What a dork I am! Got all my dates mixed up and I was thinking that today my son had to dress up in an Egyptian costume. I only read it on Saturday nite and by then it was too late to order any costume for him. So I decided to make a few bits. Managed to dig out a pj that nearly resembled a costume. Then proceeded to make a head gear, bracelets and belt.

Not a great shot! The headgear that I made. Think I will now get him an proper Egyptian costune instead!

Got him dressed and when we reached school, realised that no one was wearing any costume!!! Suddenly it dawned on me that I might read the date wrongly so drove back to check and true enough, it was supposed to be on the 24th Feb! Duh!!! So Ollie got back into his uniform and I had to send him to school late. So crossed with myself! And to think I wasted my time making all those things... I could have done my BPM DT assignments!

Yeah, postie brought my BackPorch Memories kit yesterday! So I only had a day to create my stuff. Good thing I work well under pressure and managed to produce some reasonable LOs! He also brought along some Cuttlebug embossing dies which I had gotten in the US at sale prices! I've fallen in luv with these dies and have been using them a lot in cards.

Need to prepare for Zac's party this Sat and his actual birthday on Friday! I've got plans but whether or not they take shape remains to be seen. Better make a start now! TTFN!

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