Wednesday, 25 February 2009

>>> Happy Anniversary! <<<

to hubs and moi! 9 years ago we were married on this day in Singapore. I did had to remind hubs yesterday so that he wouldn't forgot! Anyway, we are out for a meal tonite. My best friend (and she doesn't even live here!) introduced me to this restaurant, Blue Ginger which serves Singaporean & Malaysian cuisine! Mmmm.... whether or not it's authentic remains to be tasted!

Hubs got his mom to babysit the boys and we went. Hubs asked if I wanted to have teppanyaki at a Japanese restaurant. However, since we have been a few times, I wanted something different. We finally found the restaurant and it was a quaint little place with a cool ambience. Anyway, I went for 2 starters, chwee kway (middle plate) and otak (plate on the left) while hubs went for the special which was duck cooked with rambutan and jackfruit in red curry! And we ordered a side dish of kang kong belachan (plate on the right)!

The food came and I was gobsmacked! OMG! How authentic can this be?!! I took a tentative bite and almost screamed with delight. It even taste authentic! Man, the whole dinner saw me beaming away. For dessert, I ordered pandan crepe with ice-cream topped with coconut shavings. Mmmm, it was simply unbelievable... shiok (local slang that mean smackingly delicious) would be the word! Finally I found a restaurant that serves food from home. Not to mention that prices are reasonable too. Needless to say, I'll be a regular customer. In fact, there was a steady stream of customers and some even ordered a takeaway! I now know where to send hubs to when we want a takeaway! :)

Thanx CB for telling me about this restaurant... you gotta try it when you come over! TTFN!

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