Monday, 2 February 2009

>>> Snow! <<<

This was what greeted me this morning!

Snow and tons of them! Unfortunately, the boys' school decided to remain open! What a bummer! So had to get ready although Oliver stayed in as he wasn't feeling too well. It was treacherous driving through the snow. My car skidded a few times and I wasn't even driving fast! What was worst is that the roads around the school wasn't gritted so I had to go at 10 miles as there was snow on the ground. It was sheer madness!

Came home and took more photos of the snow:

Our front drive! That slope is lethal!

Look at how thick the snow is. It's amazing but very seldom do we have that much amount of snow.

The plants covered in snow.

Finally the trees. It does provide a lovely scenary!

Well, the boys' schools came to their senses and decided to call it a day at 1.30pm. As a result, parents had to bring them home. Fingers crossed they are closed tomorrow. It's stressing me out driving in such icy conditions. I guess probably I'm not used to it. I get so frightened when the car skids and have had a couple of close shaves. I just can't go out again.

On a lighter note, Banana Frog, UK stamp manufacturer, has come up with new designs for their stamps. Check this out:

These are absolutely gorgeous and can't wait to lay my hands on them to have a play.

Think I will go to bed early. Caught the fever/flu bug from my boys! Just heard on the news that all schools in B'ham will be closed so hooray! Look forward to a lie-in tomorrow! Thankfully my boys aren't early risers! TTFN!

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